my work

well wouldn’t that be something ? if I could tell you about me and my art and you’d be going back to my photographs and think, oh that’s what he meant!

I’d have achieved quite something.

but I have to admit that I probably can’t.

at least not in the way some art historians or critics think they can.

I”m often at a loss when it comes to describe why I took this picture or what I want to convey with.

for me, it’s all about the moment, this slice of time that makes me decide to compose the picture, what to in- and what to exclude.

often the moment is so elusive that by the time I want to make these decisions, the actual essence of this happenstance is gone, not to return.

but sometimes, when I linger, something comes back or repeats itself or even intensifies.

other times there’s just a pure blankness that evokes something in me, perhaps a likeness within myself, that rings true and wants to be acknowledged.

so after making and taking pictures for 20 years now, the ones on this site are some that touched me and are still part of my reality, now.


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