a good life



this project is very close to my heart.

the people I photographed here have a special place in my life and heart. not because I know them well.

but because they were very gracious and opened up their hearts and shared lot’s of very precious moments with me.

I  had one question for them. I did not tell them the question beforehand.

I asked after they had sat down and settled in.

“what would you consider to be the essence of a good life?”

“to reach my fullest potential, to be in my heart space, working towards the completion of my karmic cycle, sweetness, free choice to be what I want”,

were among the many answers I got.

In my approach I aim to show them in a state of contented peacefulness, creating in the viewer the wish to one day get into a similar state of mind.

the posing includes their hands and I aim to recreate gestures that have commonly recognizable meaning.

this project is not finished, I am currently working towards a book…

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