still lifes


This was the proposal for my major project for L6 2011 at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute:

<The project shall be Still Lifes photographed on tabletop.

They shall be of  collections of items that are linked together by a theme like origin or place, time and age, trades or professions.

The lighting shall vary between classic rembrandt lighting (45degr.) and sidelighting, simulating natural light.

The tableaus shall include one prop that is out of place but not instantly recognizable and that shall disturb in some way either by being out of context or creepy or even alive.

They’re going to be treated in a way to make them look painterly and be on the edge off being recognizable as photographs.

I will strive to present them in printed versions.>


now you can probably only see those strange ingredients, when you look at the big versions here

or in the gallery/still lifes

when I had them printed on matte paper and matted and exhibited, some people actually thought that they were paintings…nice.

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